Daria Dmitrieva


Daria Dmitrieva

My name is Dmitrieva Daria. In 2012, I graduated from the Rostov-on-Don, Russia, State Academy of Art and Architecture, where I had been studying Art and Textile Design. Upon my graduation, I’d moved to France to continue my education at the graduate school of the Lyon Institute of Fashion. After graduation from the institute in 2013, I went through my internship in Lyon. Upon completion of the internship, I’d moved to Paris and started to work in the fashion industry. While working and living in Paris, I had been partaking in the textile design contests, such as Fabricut, Casamance, Petit Bateau, Hermes, Fete Imperiale, etc. In 2018, I was amongst the finalists of the Nano Art contest arranged by Roi Dore in Paris. At this time, my works are being exhibited at Aradamenty and Collage galleries in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, March gallery in Sochi, Russia, ArtBrut gallery in Moscow, Russia and Madder gallery in London, UK. I also productively work with many interior decorators at this time. My works is joy, self-expression and a desire to share the emotions and impressions. My aspiration is to create an atmosphere and ambiance for those who look at my abstract art allowing everyone to discover ones’ own forms and feelings. My technique is a mixed-up multi-layered acrylic paint, palette knife, brush. Occasionally, I try some different techniques, such as a roller, sponge, napkin and my bare hands.

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