Joaquin Lemaitre


Joaquin  Lemaitre

Biography Joaquin Lemaitre alias FORTUNE HUNTER is a self-taught artist, who was born in Germany in 1985 and grew up in La Paz, Bolivia. He moved to Montreal, Canada for his undergraduate studies at Concordia University. Inspired by the well-established street art scene in Montreal, particularly by the art community EN MASSE, Lemaitre was always fond of drawing during his studies, mostly using pencil on paper. In 2014 Lemaitre created the project FORTUNE HUNTER, concentrating on black and white illustrations and murals. His motives handled day-to-day objects and situations with a hint of irony. Meanwhile Lemaitre’s work focuses more in oil and mixed media paintings, which combine elements of the pop culture with abstract forms in enigmatic and surrealistic contexts. He currently resides and works in Stuttgart, Germany.

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