Idona Asamoah


Idona Asamoah

I was a painter and started my vision as a photographer in 2010, I begins to photograph with My first complex point and shoot camera which I got as a gift from my German friend who visited ghana in early 2010. I and my best friend got together sharing one camera week by week. I am self tought photographer by then I looked and get inspiration from other photographers and artist. i like exployed my creativity not only on Digital but also Analog. 2013 I got a chance to travel to Germany and then Study Communication Design and Art Directing in Hamburg as I was still fighting for my migration. I expresses my senses of creativity in Art by Photography. I specialize in Portrait and Fashion, but i love also to express myself in concepts realization and Editorial Photography. I like twisted sense of humour. Most people don‘t understand why I do everything, means to me if I would have been a painter I would have painted everything that inspires me. Automatically the world serves me as a studio because the biggest place for creativity is outside. quote. (if you´ve ever wondered where your dreams come from you look around that‘s where they are made).

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