Laura Isaza


Laura Isaza

Control and chaos, Dark and light, big and small, soft and harsh. Laura Isaza is an artist fascinated by contrasting opposites. Her artwork is a bold statement against current society prejudices. Her portrait work is deep and emotional and it is inspired in her own experiences. She portraits female issues, fears, but also their dreams, challenging old society perceptions. Her work honors women and their connections to their own bodies, personalities and feelings. All of her female characters portray sensuality and empowerment, seeking to provoke viewers' reactions through their facial expressions and through the liberation of femininity and beauty standards. She plays with the lack of hair, make up, jewelry, or chirurgical body changes which have been crucial elements of the actual culture, especially in Colombia (where Laura grew up) since the Escobar time. Her portraits often fade the lines between reality and fiction, tending to fall into the category of disrupted realism, with little touches of pop art elements. Just as her portraits, her abstracts could also be seen as a rebel action towards the cultural standards. They are minimalistic and simple, opposite to the eclectic and colorful Colombian culture that she grew up in. They provoke reflection towards the things that lay under the façade, whether it is strength and power or loneliness and fragility.  Though she works with binary opposites, she manages to reveal them in a reconciling way. She accents the duality in her pictures especially by her contrasting color choices, black and white, mixed with some golden touches that capture the viewer's attention

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