Maryana Dzhokhadze

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Maryana Dzhokhadze

My work explores the relationship between broken things and human beings. Moreover, it is about broken relationships in general, broken ideologies or political missteps. It is a conversation between what happened and what is meant to be left behind and how important it is to move forward – to reinterpret in order to transform. For a lot of humans, it is a devastating feeling to see things breaking or falling apart. For me I know it’s just the beginning of something new. Something completely different. Once my mind agrees with this idea I feel the emotion of happiness and that’s where my work begins. Having the Power to change something, to transform my reality and, in this way, my own future: priceless. Furthermore, I want to express my thoughts and feelings rather than copy paste the reality or the picture of reality into my work by painting something that already exists! My goal is it to remake the way I see the world including those emotions I get while walking on this earth. People think, art is just something to look at and say: oh, that’s beautiful. But for me art is much more. For me art is the truth. It doesn’t necessarily have to be beautiful - it can’t be beautiful on the looks always. It gets its beauty by the story every art piece is telling. You can close your eyes and ask the artist to tell you about his life, his family his blows of fate and the purpose – and what you see, that’s the art.

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