Sophie Mangelsen


Sophie Mangelsen

Painting to jazz rhythms, Sophie Mangelsen creates her own and typical gestural abstractions with constant visual interest of jazzy elegance, rhythm and finesse. Mangelsen’s informal art appeals to introspection and evokes a both inner and outer dialogue with the viewer. Berlin based, she captures the Berlin ambiance on canvas - combined with a psychological dialogue and a very jazzy and contemporary note. Her paintings are shown at international exhibitions and are in private collections around the world. Having studied at the Université Paris VIII and the University of Leipzig, S. Mangelsen found her form of expression in painting already in her youth - at the age of 15 she won the German Federal Prize at the 50th European Competition in Art. Mind? Psyche? Consciousness? Through her artwork, Sophie Mangelsen depicts the poles of human existence and perception, including the unconscious. „I dismantle my perception, reduce it to the essential and reassemble the fragments. Harmony and disharmony, balance and imbalance, the complexity of our mind. My interest focuses on the search which lies beyond our journey to material. Like internal landscapes, my picture depicts emotions at a certain point in time and highlights their contrasts.“

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