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Die Goldene Inge

INGE WHO? /// Die Goldene Inge is a german-based photographer you probably never heard of. Inge's mission is to change that. Die Goldene Inge has love for streets, architecture, art, design, people and places. Her recent work "Pretty Pop Poser Portraits" is purely dedicated to portraiture and represents a compliation of strong characters Inge met along her way. In the past months, Inge has intensively worked on her skills to master multiple lights, gelled flashes and LEDs. All with the aim to create colorful superheroesque versions of the protagonists and to reevaluate the definition of contemporary portraiture. In her latest adventure Die Goldene Inge is exploring the metaverse and works on her Interplanetary SuperCrew which will reside in her virtrual Saturation Supernova. The NFT series was launched in February 2022 in an exhibition on Hamburg's Reeperbahn. Furthermore Die Goldene Inge is a proud member of the Pixel Skull Art Collective. An international group of 52 interdisciplinary artists from 14 countries who are currently preparing the reveal of their trailblazing virtual museum and dedicated NFT minting site! /// The story of Die Goldene Inge starts back in the days with a nickname awarded to her for her amazing greateness. But Inge appeared only on rare occasions and was moving below the radar. Way too long. That’s why Inge decided to accelerate her visual spirits, bring out her true self and materialize for the public to notice her permanently. Die Goldene Inge is about realness, joy, passion, and dedication. Without smoke, or mirrors. With her golden force, Inge creates vivid miniatures of her reality to present a colourful interpretation of contemporary photography. Inge can see the true beauty in everything. The world is awesome, awkward, amazing, and everything else from a to z. Any moment, place or situation may be worth noticing. Inge aims to look for the most real of them to pixelate them for eternity. Die Goldene Inge is about freedom, not restrictions or categories. But if you had to, Inge would say she makes portraiture, street, architecture, editorial and fine art photography. But judge by yourself and let Inge know what you think about it. Inge's Golden Stories are a straight view into her soul. Take a closer look! Love the People // With her golden lenses Inge is hunting for special characters waiting to be shot in their natural habitat or artificial studio environments.​Love the Street // Inge is continuously grinding the golden curbs to extract a fresh essence of life on the streets. Love the Moment // Inge’s golden doppler radar easily detects even the slightest amazigness worth being captured. Love the City // Urbanity is Inge’s golden canvas to reshape solid matter into authentic pixel miniatures of reality. Love the Fine Arts // Simply for aesthetics, beauty and emotion, Inge’s golden trigger freezes space and time, without practical reason. Love the Nature // Inge’s golden heart beats for the beauty of our grand world, with the aim to respect and preserve it by all artistic means.

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